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Geographical Position of Ardabil

Ardabil province has an area of 17,881 square kilometers located in northeast of Iran and to the west of the Caspian Sea. The historical and rather religious city of Ardabil is it's capital. The most important cities in this province are Khalkhall, Meshkin Shahr, Germi, Bilehsavar and Pars Abad.
In 2005, the population of Ardabil province was estimated to be 1.2% million among which 48.7% were settled in urban areas and 51.1% in rural areas, out of which a small part were registered as nomad tribes. Ardabil province has a common border of 285.5 km.

with the Republic of Azarbayjan with two custom houses of Aslandooz and Bilehsavar in Moqan.
The Aras and Balha Rivers occupy about 159 km. of this common border. The Nearest access of the province to central Iran is the Ardabil - Astara Road. One of the highest mountains of Iran named Sabalan is located in the Ardabil province. The summit of Sabalan, placed in northwest of the province, is 4,811 m. high.

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