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Shorabil Lake

Talesh Forests with an area of 105 thousand hectars, these beautiful forests are still among the "untouched" forests of the Alborz Mountain Chain. Some of the various species of trees are oak and pine. The road connecting Ardabil to Rasht via Astara, passes by these forests which have been divided between exSoviet Union and Iran. This road is one of the most scenic roads while traveling in Iran, however caution must be taken as the road conditions are sometimes difficult at higher altitudes. Some important attractions of the province are:

Several historical tombs
  • Ardabil Bazaar
  • Aslandooz Graveyard
  • Haj Sheikh Bath
  • Haj Yoosef Aqa Sadeqy House
  •  Haj Yoosef Aqa Sadeqy House
  • Jajin (Dash Kasan) Bridge.
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