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Ahar (Arasbaran)

The mountainous district of Ahar is one of the oldest states of Azarbaijan. The Ahar area was the battle-field between Babak Khorramdeen and his followers on the one side, and the Arab solders on the other, for 20 years during the third century AH.

The town of Ahar, also was the headquarters of the chief commander, Abbas Mirza, during the battle between Iran and Russia during the late Qajar period. The most interesting historical places and remainings of this district can be mentioned as following:

. The Historical Castles named Qahqah, Jousheen, Pashtow and Norooz which belong to the early Islamic period.

. Soqndel Inscription which is located north to Warzeqan, and belongs to the pre-Christ history.

. The Old Bazaar

. The Jame’ Mosque of Ahar which belongs to the Saljuk period.

. The Holly Tomb of Shaykh Shehaboldeen Ahari which is the grave of the famous Azarbaijani Gnostic. It is decorated in very interesting and beautiful way, and it belongs to the seventh century AH.

. Paygham Beautiful Valley and Paygham Historic Castle.

. Saigram Daq Protected Area which is registered by the UNISCO (MAB) as Biosphere Reserve.

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