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Geographical position of east Azarbaijan

Geographical position of east Azarbaijan

With 45,261 square kilometers, the Province of East-Azarbaijan is located on the north-west corner of the country. It includes 12 townships which are: Tabriz, Ahar, Bostanabad, Bonab, Sarab, Shabester, Kaliber, Maragheh, Marand, Miyaneh, Harees, and Hashtrood. The historic city of Tabriz is the political and administrative capital of the province.

With 235 kilometers international border with the Azarbaijan Republic, Armenia, and Nakhjavan, this province is neighbor to these new states. Moreover, through a railway line which crosses the province via Julfa, the border check unit, the province and Iran are connected to Nakhjavan, Irevan, Tablisi, the Republic of Ukraine, and all ports around the Black Sea. This province is also connected to many countries and states of the region by different networks of roads.
In 2005 the population of the province was nearly 3,500,000, which was formed of 55.1% registered to be urban dwellers, and the remaining 44.9% as villagers and nomad tribes. The city of Tabriz, with more than 800000 habitants is the most agglomerated city and the administrating center of the province. The province of E-Azarbaijan is significant for its topographic characterisitics. The mountain Sahand peak, which is located 50 kilometers to the south of Tabriz, with 3,722 meters altitude is the highest in the province, while the lowest point is the Oromeieh lake side, with 1,220 meters altitude. The mountainous parts of the province are located in three areas; north, Qaradagh Mountains; central, Sahand and Bozqoush; and south, Qafelankooh.

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