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Harees City

Harees City

The township of Harees is known as historical places in the E-Azarbaijan province, and according to the Deed of Endowment, which is called "the Rasheedi Quarter", and it was written during the Ghazan Khan Mongol period, it was inhabited area. The town of Harees is one of the oldest and the most fertilized areas of the province.

The most important religious and historic places in the area, are:
. Shaykh Ishaaq Tomb, the Maneeq Grave, and the Gour Grave. The town of Harees and the surrounding villages are internationally wellknown for the good quality and very beautiful carpets which are produced there. The carpet of Harees is one of the most advanced art and handicrafts, not only in Iran, but all around the World.

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