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Marand and Jolfa

Marand and Jolfa

The township and the town of Marand are situated on the north-west of the East-Azarbaijan province, on a semimountainous area. More than two fifth of the total area are mountainous and the remainings are flat and highly fertilized areas. Marand was an important center during the Kaldeh and Ashour period, and according to some historians, the prophet Nooh was buried there. The name of Marand was extracted from the Pahlavid word "Maadvand" which means the place where the Maad tribes live.

The most important historical and natural places in Marand are as following:

. The remainings of a Sasanid period fire-temple which is located on the gray hill of Marand.

. The Jame’ Mosque of Marand which is very old, and belongs to the pre-Islamic period, then the early Islamic.

. St. Stepanos Church which belongs to the early Islamic period.

. Yaam valley leisure place.

. The outskirts of the Mishoodagh Mountain and the waterfall of Asiab Kharabeh.

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