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This town is 636 kilometers far from Tehran, and 130 kilometers far away from Tabriz. The district of Sarab is situated between the high mountains of Bozquosh and the peak of Sabalan, and it enjoys temperate weather in summer while it is very cold in winter. The town of Sarab is one of the oldest and historic settlements of Azarbaijan.

An inscription is found near the town, which belongs to the Orartoey period. The volcanic mountains which are situated around the town provide the area with many mineral water as numeral springs and streams. From the many interesting places in Sarab, one can visit the following:

. The inscription of Orrartoey Qirakh Qizlar (Neshteban) The inscription of Razliq which is located 12 kilometers north to the town of Sarab.

. Fire-temple (Chahar Taqi) Aghmeyon which is located northeast to the town of Sarab, and belongs to the Sassanid period. The Stony Caravan Sara Saein which belongs to the Safavid period.

. The Old and Stony Mosques Jamalabad and Asneq which are located in Alan Baraghoush, and belong to the early Islamic period. The Jame' Mosque of Sarab which belongs to the 9th century AH.

The thermal and mineral water springs such as Allah Haq, Abres, and Sarab.

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