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Shabestar is located 60 kilometers northeast of Tabriz. It is situated on the main Iranian-International railway line which connects Tehran and Tabriz to Turkey and Europe. During the Safavid period, the famous road named TabrizTarabouzan was crossing the district of Shabestar. The district of Shabestar is famous also because of the famous Gnostic Shaykh Mahmood Shabestary (Author of Gulshane Raaz) and because it was the birth place of the clergy rebel Skaykh Mohammed Khyabani (birth in Khamaneh) and the famous Azery author of scoffing books, Mirza Ali Akbar Moejiz Shabestari.

The most interesting historical places and buildings of the district of Shabestar are as following:

. The Jame’ Mosque (the Friday Pray Mosque-Tasouj) which was constructed in 989 AH, during the period of Sultan Mohammed Khodabandeh. Shaykh Mohammed Shabestari Tomb which belongs to the modern time.

. The Oromeyeh Lake-side which is valuable for its being leisure place.

. The Outskirts of Mishudagh Mountain and the Fall of Aishabad which are known as leisure places.

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