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General Views of Iran

Exit Borders and Exit Regulations of Iran

As foreigners can obtain entrance visa for travel to Iran by air, land and sea, they can leave the country before the expiration of their visa in the same way or the other. Otherwise, they should extend their visa, which is easily possible. Tourists can take away their personal belongings according to the customs statement filled by them on arrival. In addition to personal belongings, all tourists can take away one of the fol-lowing goods at departure:

Iranian Lavatories

Due to differences between Iranian (Moslem) lavatories and so-called European ones, there are suitable lavatories for tourists in all hotels, guesthouses, restaurants etc. in the country. There are public lavatories of the Iranian kind en route of all major cities. Getting necessary information in this regard is recommended.

Health Insurance in Iran

All private and governmental vehicles as well as transportation companies are obliged to insure their passengers against accidents. Passengers' insurance are automatically done during ticket purchase which covers tourists as well. Private and governmental companies through health centers and hospitals supply health insurance services.

Health Services in Iran

There are several equipped health centers, hospitals and clinics in all cities of Iran both governmental and private. All of them are under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education through medical faculties. There are general and specialized hospitals in Tehran supplying heath services based on the highest medical standards and criteria. Emergency ser-vices are available in all hospitals as well as an emergency network with equipped ambulances in all major cities and provinces.

Sport and Matches in iran

All sports like football, volleyball, handball, tennis, and wrestling and... are common in Iran. There are several equipped sta-diums and gymnasiums in the major and even small cities of the country. There is diverse sport clubs in Tehran equipped with the latest sport facilities. Traditional sports like local wrestling and ‘Zoorkhneh" are common in Iran as well. There are several active “Zoorkhanehs' (places for traditional sports) in major cities with artistic ornaments worth seeing.