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General Views of Iran

Museums of Iran

The museums,in Iran are treasuries of cultural, historical and natural heritage of this land. There are museums in most cities of Iran, which contain antiques, artistic and natural vestiges from ancient Iran.

Iran Wonderful Villages

The diversity of the natural environment and the ethnic composition of Iran have created diverse forms of rural settlements with varying aspects. Among rural settlements in Iran, there exist unique types, causing wondering of every viewer; villages which portray an interesting, and wonderful visage of ancient Iranian civilization. Among hundreds of wonderful villages in Iran, only a few, like Massooleh, Kandavan, and Abyaneh are introduced and gained a worldwide reputation. The number of these villages, each of which holds at least one wonderful monument, reaches 500.

iranian Architecture

Every region of Iran has its own architectural style, usually in harmony with the natural environment of that region. The architecture and style of houses in different parts of Iran are briefly pointed out below:

Pilgrimage Centers of iran

With the expansion of Islam in Iran, the tombs of the Imams (descendants of the Prophet of Islam and Shiite religious leaders) were gradually changed to places of pilgrimage and shrines. Subsequently, people and religious leaders constructed suitable and outstanding buildings in these places. These buildings or Imamzadehs have unique architectural styles.

Tourist Attractions of Iran

Due to its historical background and sustainable social and cultural evolution, has a lot of diverse worth seeing sites that satisfy tourists with different tastes. Every tourist, whatever his/her incentive, may find many spectacular places depending on his taste. It should not be forgotten that the best way for the recognition of every country is direct contact with its people. Iranians are famous for their hospitality, compassion, and generosity. It is easily possible to visit Iranians' homes, being slightly acquainted with them and become familiar with their life style, attitudes, livelihood, and many of their characteristics.