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General Views of Iran

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

Radio and television network covers all the country. There are six television networks broadcasting different programs. Moreover, there are local television station in each province broadcasting regional programs and news.
Two networks of ‘Sahar’ and Jam-e-Jam broadcast programs in Farsi, English and Arabic both nationally and internationally by the satellite. There are also several radio stations with diverse programs in Farsi, English, Arabic, French, German, Armenian, and Turkish and...

Cinema. Theater and Music in Iran

There are cinemas in the most cities of the country showing both domestic and foreign movies. Their programs are obtainable through newspapers or telephones. Although theater is not so com mon in Iran, but in large citieslike Tehran there are several theaters with different programs. Normally, their programs are based on famous European plays or those scenarios written by the Iranian writers. Their programs are also announced in newspapers.

Art Galleries and Libraries in iran

There are different art galleries and libraries in Tehran and other major cities, which can be visited by tourists depending upon their taste and interest. Information on these centers is available through related local centers.

Personal Necessities for Travel to iran

Every tourist must take certain necessities depending on his/her itinerary and time. For example, the kind of clothing is different from a location to another, so taking suitable ones is very important. Since camping facilities are available in many tourist sites, having the needed equipment is important.

Travel time to Iran

Traveling time to Iran is changeable depending on the aims of travel and destinations. In the winter, all northeaster, northwestern and mountainous regions are cold and snowy while at the same time central, southern and coastal regions of the Persian Gulf enjoy a pleasant climate.
At the same time, swimming in the blue waters of the Persian Gulf and enjoying sunshine is possible. In the spring, all around Iran is beautiful and eyecatching. Both nature and climate are enjoyable. There is plenty of clear sky with verdant areas in springs.