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FreeTrade Zones & Economic Special Zones in iran

The establishment of free tradeindustrial zones is one of the findings of global economic system in the 20th century for attraction of foreign investments, transfer of, technology, production of export goods, expansion of employment opportunities, and penetration to global markets. These zones have been successfully established in many developed and developing countries including. Iran. At present, three free trade zones have been established in southern Iran: Kish Island, Qeshm Island and Chahbahar.

According to the authorizations made by the laws of the First, Second, and Third Five-Year Social, Economic, and Cultural Development • Plans, the establishment of other free trade zones is approved for transit, processing, and export of goods, which are called Special Economic Zones. These are Sirjan Spécial Economic Zone and Bandar Anzali Special Free Economic Zone.
Each of these free zones has considerable potentials and facilities for investment, production and services. In addition to the economic functions of these zones, the development of tourism is included in the agenda of planning for free zones.

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