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Government and Threefold Powers of iran

The government of Iran is “Islamic Republic” which was founded after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. In accordance with the Constitution, the President, members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament), and members of different councils directly elected by the people must administer the country. The threefold powers in the Islamic Republic of Iran are legislative, executive, and judiciary that are independent, but coordinated by the President and supervised by the Supreme Spiritual Leader.

The number of Islamic Consultative Assembly representatives is 290 elected for a period of 4 years. All approvals of ICA must be ratified by the Guardian Council for the adaptation of these approvals with the Constitution and Islamic religious laws. Executive power is under supervision of the President who is directly elected by the people for a fouryear term. Judiciary power is supportive of individuals as well as social rights of the nation. The highest body in the Judiciary is the Head of the Judiciary.

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