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Hotels, Guest-Houses and other Accommodation Facilities

In Iran, there are different accommodation facilities of diverse classification, at reasonable prices like hotels, motels, guesthouses, inns, hostels, etc. For the welfare of tourists, hotels or guesthouses have been established by Iran Touring & Tourism Organization in several regions or even in remote cities, with suitable and sanitary services at reasonable prices all equipped with necessary facilities like restaurants, teahouses, air conditioners, and parking with a pleasing atmosphere, Other suitable tourist facilities such as tourist complexes and camping sites are available in several locations.

Restaurants are very different in Iran due to their famous cooking styles, diverse and delicious for everybody's taste. In the cities, all kinds of local and national dishes as well as international ones are served. The traditional café in Iran is Ghahveh Khaneh (coffeehouse) in which tea is served not coffee. In a Ghahveh Khaneh, in addition to tea and hubblebubble, a famous national food, Abgoosht is served. These traditional teahouses are worth seeing places.
In the past, these Ghahveh Khanehs played an important role in the social life of the people and spending of their leisure time. Today, these Ghahvah Khanehs have more or less their social role and are thé gathering places for different social groups and the exchange of news and information. Formerly, in order to attract people, various programs like jugglery, storytelling, reciting of Shahnameh, animal shows and some artistic activities.were performed. There are Ghahveh Khanehs, which entertain their customers with old-style entertainment. Many Ghahveh Khanehs exist along main connection roads, which supply simple services. There are many restaurants between cities, which supply different foods, both local and national.

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