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Iran Daily and weekly Markets (Bazaars)

Bazaars are centers for presenting local goods and products as well as a place for social interaction and regulating social relations, especially in rural and tribal areas. These bazaars, which reflect the local economic and cultural conditions of the region, are held in many urban, rural, and tribal areas. The weekly bazaars in rural and tribal areas are held close to summer quarters regarding season, decampment time and economic needs of the villagers and nomads.

In these kinds of bazaars, the daily needs of people are secured through cash, credit, barter or conventional transactions. At present, in some northern provinces including Guilan, Mazandaran, and Golestan, rural weekly bazaars are very common. Also, in the southern coastal provinces of the country, including Sistan and Baluchistan, Hormozgan, Boushehr, and Khuzistan, these kinds of bazaars are common and are amongst the attractions of these provinces. The weekly bazaars of nomad tribes are held in all tribal regions of Iran including Azarbaijan, Lorestan, and Kurdistan.
The daily bazaars of urban, rural, and tribal regions are the places in which the artistic and creative ability of women are reflected through supplying their fine handicrafts. Visiting these bazaars and purchasing different handicrafts, will remain as an unforgettable memoir for tourists.

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