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Iranian Clothing

As it was mentioned before, ethnic and cultural diversity can be observed all around Iran. Qashqais in Fars; Lors in Esfahan, Ahwaz, Khoram Abad and Shahr-e-Kord; Kurds in Khorasan, Kurdistan and Kermanshah; Qezelbashs in Orumyeh; Shahsavans in Ardebil; Taleshis and Guils in Guilan; Turkmens in Golestan and Baluchs in Baluchistan are samples of distribution of Iranian tribes.

Each of these tribes have their own colorful clothing with diversity of design. The variety of colors in the clothing of tribal people has been defined as “Festival of Colors”. It is a great chance for a tourist to be able to take part in a tribal wedding ceremony. Moreover, visiting tribal residence areas, summer and winter quarters, is also memorable. Purchasing of tribal clothing as souvenir is recommended.

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