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Religion and Culture of Iran

Iran is the birthplace of Zoroaster, the founder of the Zoroastrian religion one of the oldest religions of the world. The official religion of Iran, based on Article 12 of the Constitution, is Islam (Shiite), and about 99.56% of the people of the country are Muslim. Disciples of other branches of Islam such as Hanafi, Maleki, Shafei, Hanbali, and Zaidi in Iran are highly respected and live freely without any limitations.

In the Constitu-tion of the Islamic Republic of Iran, religions such as Zoroastrian, Christian, and Judaism are officially recognized and their disciples have equal political, social and economical rights as Muslims. Religious minorities of Zoroastrian, Armenian, Jew, Assyrian, and Chaldean have their own independent representa-tives in the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament). Cultural richness of Iran in different arenas like different Eastern art, literature and Gnosticism has a global reputation. Iranian myth, fiction, philosophy, poetry, music, folklore, handicrafts, architecture, and decorative arts have contributed significantly to human thoughts.

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