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Traditional and National Food of iran

The Iranian “sofreh” (cloth that is spread on the floor, on which food is served) is a colorful one, and the gastronomic culture of this country is very rich. This richness is due to the diversity of natural products and cultures. In different areas of the country, based on existing possibilities, various types of local foods are cooked. However, there are some dishes, which are common to all arolind the country, so they are considered as traditional and national foods.

The most famous one of this kind are: Chelokabab (steamed rice with grilled lamb or beef); Abgoosht (a soup of 'lamb, cereals, spices, and potatoes); Khoresht (a kind of sauce orstew which is commonly cooked with different ingredients and served with rice); Fesenjan (poultry, especially goose or duck, ground walnut, pomegranate syrup, sugar and spice); and Dolmeh (a mixture of meat, vegetables and other materials wrapped in the fresh leaves of grapevine).
In northern and western regions of Iran, several kinds of local 'foods are cooked with wild plants or vegetables and cereals, served with or without meat and are very tasty. Caviar of Iran, which is obtained from sturgeon fish in the Caspian Sea, has a worldwide reputation and is tonic. Different kinds Öf food are cooked in northern and southern parts of Iran with fish,The shrimp of the Persian Gulf is amongst the best in the world and due to its’quality, varieties of foods are cooked with it. Bread baking in Iran is done in different ways: Basically, Iranian breads are thin baked in the hearth, so they are very soft.
In Iran bread is commonly purchased fresh out of the hearth. Different kinds of Iranian breads are Sangak, Lavash,"Taftoon, and Barbary. One of the common traditional Iranian beverages is Doogh (yogurt drink), which is used with fragrant vegetables in all parts of Iran, especially in the summer.

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