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Travel time to Iran

Traveling time to Iran is changeable depending on the aims of travel and destinations. In the winter, all northeaster, northwestern and mountainous regions are cold and snowy while at the same time central, southern and coastal regions of the Persian Gulf enjoy a pleasant climate.
At the same time, swimming in the blue waters of the Persian Gulf and enjoying sunshine is possible. In the spring, all around Iran is beautiful and eyecatching. Both nature and climate are enjoyable. There is plenty of clear sky with verdant areas in springs.

In the summer, all northern coastal areas, mountainous regions, northeastern and northwestern parts as well as central regions of Iran experience mild and relatively warm climate, but the southern provinces are very hot. In autumn, the nature has another color and weather is pleasant. Therefore, based on everyone's taste there are suitable locations to be visited along the year. However, our suggestion for visiting Iran is spring.

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