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Bushehr The township of Bushehr is located in a vast plain running along the coastal region. The capital city being Bandar-eBushehr or the 'Port of Bushehr'.

This port is at a distance of 1,218 km. from Tehran, and has a hot, humid climate. Since the past, this port has been one of the important ones in Persian Gulf which has an international airport too. During the 1st and 2nd Millennium BC., the Peninsula of Bushehr was a thriving and flourishing seat of civilization called "Rey Shahr".
Many relics have been found in this regard related to the Elamite era and the civilization of Shoosh. These structures of "Rey Shahr" are said to be related to Ardeshir Sassanide and Rey Shahr was formerly known by the name of Ram Ardeshir. Thereby through the passage of time came to be called Rey Shahr and thence Bushehr.

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