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Dashtestan - Burazjan in Bushehr

Dashtestan - Burazjan in Bushehr

This township is in the north of Bushehr, its center being 'Burazjan', which lies at a distance of 1,147 km. from Tehran. Dashtestan experiences an extremely warm climate and in past was known as 'Shabankareh' its center is the ancient city of Eij'.

Burazjan was one of its basis, where there are the remnants of an ancient castle.

. Burazjan Thermal Spring

. Dalky River

. Dalky Thermal Spring

. Halleh Wetland Protected Zone

. Khanik no. 1&2 Thermal Spring

. Kooh Siyah Hunting Zone

. Ardeshir Palace, (Tang-e-Eram)

. Bardak Siyah Achaemenid Palace

. Burazjan Fort

. Chehel Khaneh Historical Caves

. Derakht (Tonbeh Koru) Water Reservoir

. Goor Dokhtar, Dasht-e-Arjan

. Koorush Palace

. Tal-e-Khandaq Hill

. Tal-e-Telesmy Hill

. Toz Archaeological Zone

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