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Dutch (Holandiha) Castle in Bushehr

Dutch (Holandiha) Castle

Khark Island

This castle is located in the north east of Khark Island. In the year 1748 AD. contemporary to the period of the Safavid reign and the Afqani conquests in Iran, the Dutch gave up their trading center in Bandar Abbas and transformed this center to Khark Island. Hence the construction of this castle is attributed to Baron Kenep Hawsen.
. Haji Mohammad Ebrahim Esfahani Tomb, Khark Island

. Khark Ancient Graveyard, Khark Island

. Old and Historical Houses

. Pozeidune (God of the Sea) Temple, Khark Island

. Qavam Water Reservoir

. Rayshahr Ancient City

. Sibveyh Tomb, Siraf

. Siniz Port

. Siraf Ancient City

. Siraf Ancient Graveyard, Siraf

. Holy Jesus Christ Church.

This structure is uniquely interesting from the architectural point of view. Its window panes are multicolored and in general the architecture is a mixture of Christian and Iranian architecture.

. Khark Old Church, Khark Island

. Sheikh Sa'dune Mosque

. Bushehr Museum, Delvar

Galin (Qebleh Doa) Ceremony

. Zaar (Leava) Ceremony

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