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Geographical position of Bushehr

Geographical position of Bushehr

The Bushehr province covers an area of 23,191 sq km. of dry land and 60 km. of coastal area. The province is located in the south of Iran and to the north of the Persian Gulf, enjoying a strategic and sound economical position. The townships of this province are the followings: Bushehr, Tangestan (Ahram), Dashtestan (Burazjan), Dashti (Khormoj), Dayer, Daylam, Kangan and Genaveh. The political and economic center being Bandar-e-Bushehr' or the 'Port of Bushehr'.

In the year 2005, the above mentioned province had a population of approximately 816,000, of which nearly 53.1 % resided in urban areas, 44.8 % accounted for rural regions and the remaining were non-residents. According to the natural relief, the Bushehr province can be divided into two segments: one being the plains and the other mountainous regions. The former extending along the coast of the Persian Gulf, where majority of the cities (of this province) as well as the inhabitants are settled. The other regions are named as the two mountain ranges of 'Gach Torsh' and 'Nokand' which run parallel to each other throughout the length of this province.

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