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Tuesday, 16 February 2016 06:10

Climate of West Azarbaijan

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Climate of West Azarbaijan

The climate of the province is mainly influenced by the rainy winds of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean. But in certain months of winter, northern cold winds affect the province and cause a lot of snow with a very cold weather. According to existing meteorological data, temperature varies from an area to another in the province. Average temperature differs from 9.4° C in Makou to 11.6° C in Mahabad. While it is 9.8°C in Orumyeh and 10.8°C in Khoy, Makou 9.4° C, and in Mahabad 11.6°C. According to same dada, the highest temperature in the province reaches 34°C in July, and the lowest temperature is –16°C in January. Maximum change of temperature in summer is 4°C and in winter 15° C.

West-Azarbaijan province encompassing vast and fertile plains, high mountains, enjoying moderate and healthy weather, rivers with high volume of water, vineyards, orchards, luxuriant forests and rangelands, mountain outskirts with wonderful flora, magnificent wildlife and beautiful shores around the lake with different recreational facilities, which all together form one of the most beautiful and spectacular region in Iran.
A land with wonderful flora during the spring and the summer covered with tulip, poppy, narcissus and hyacinth extending from Arass riverbanks in the north to Zab Kouchak valley in the south. Wetlands, marches coasts and islands of the lake are habitats of diverse species of endemic and migratory birds as well as the rivers are habitat of different aquatic species.
The long snowy winters provide remarkable opportunities for skiing on the wonderful sky sites, which are well equipped with necessary facilities. The high mountains along with pleasant weather are amongst the attractions of the province in summer. The beautiful shores of the Orumyeh lake and its clear and blue water, with 140 km. length, provide remarkable attractions for tourists in the summer especially those interested in swimming, water therapy and water sports as well as boating. Orumyeh Lake, due to its high salinity containing different minerals, is one of the best places in the world for water therapy.
Those suffering from rheumatism and skin diseases come here to use curative water, sands and sludge of the lake. Moreover, there are tens of thermar water springs with curative properties in different parts of the province.

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