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Khoy township is located 807 km. northwest to Tehran enjoying mild weather, This township is one of the ancient places in Iran. Khoy means "salt" and it was named so because of the salt mines of the region. The first dwellers of it were Median tribes. According to existing historical documents, Khoy, had been a very important place as the result of being passed by a branch of famous Silk-Road, which linked west to east, was crossing this city.

The most famous historic and natural sites of Khoy are as follows:
. Several mineral water springs with recreational and water therapy values,

. Bastam and Bolourabad historical castles,

. Khatoun old bridge,

. Old stone gate of the city,

. Old bazaar of Khoy,

. Several old mosques and Shams Tabrisi Minaret,

. Ancient churches.

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