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Makoo is 939 km. far from Tehran and located in a mountainous region with 1,294 m. altitude from sea level providing it with temperate climate. Makoo, with a semi-circle shape, is situated on the slopes of a mountain which has enclosed the city as an umbrella. This city was not more than a castle in beginning of Shah Abbas the First's reign.

The foundation date of the city is 1012 AH. Makoo city, enjoying a beautiful natural landscape, encompasses so many historical and natural sites of which the most important ones are:

. Several wetlands,

. Many mineral water springs

. Ghaleh-Joogh waterfall,

. Marakan protected area and AghGol game field,

. Baghcheh-Joogh palace, Kolah Farangi building and Old building of Makoo police Centre,

. Old castles of Ravaz and Ghaleh Siah,

. Old bridge of Panj Cheshmeh (five arches), 5 km. far from Makko,

. Old stone epigraph of Roosa historical city in Makoo city,

. Orartoi stone grave named Sangar in Makoo,

. Several old churches,

. Chaldoran battle field in Siah Cheshmeh in which the famous war between Shah Ismail Safavid and Sultan Salim (Ottoman Emperor) happened.

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