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Naghadeh township, surrounded by Mahabad, Pyranshar, Oshnavieh, and Orumyeh is a focal point for linkage of these cities. This city has many events each left its own historical vestiges. Archeological discoveries in Hasanloo hill, close to the city, reveales its long history which goes back to the year 2000 BC. Different tribes like Assyrians, Kords, Manas, and Turks have continuously migrated and resided in this area.

Finally, in the early time of Ghajar dynasty, Ghara Papagh (black hat) tribe migrated to Iran from Caucasia and dwelled in Soldoos vast plain. They are engaged in agricultural activities in present location of Naghadeh. The most important worth seeing and historical places of the city are as follows:

. Several wetlands

. Zendan and Baba Hasan caves

. Kelishin historical inscriptions in southwest to Orumyeh lake

. Hasanloo ancient hill located 12 km. north-west to Naghadeh of which the "Golden Cup" is very famous

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