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Orumyeh, the capital city of the province, is located 951 km. northwest of Tehran, 18 km. west of Orumyeh Lake in a verdant plain. The heights of this province separate it from Iraq and Turkey. The weather in Orumyeh is cold in winters and moderate in the summer.

The latest archeological discoveries in Orumyeh indicate that the history of region goes back to 2000 BC. Some historians believe that Orumyeh is the birthplace of Zoroaster, the most famous Persian prophet. In the 3rd century AH. geographers named Orumyeh as the third largest city in Azarbaijan territory after Ardabil and Maragheh.
There had been many historical sites and monuments in Orumyeh which were unfortunately destroyed because of some historical events and invasions of different tribes and clans.
The most important historical and eyepleasing places are as follows:
. Orumyeh lake and its coasts for recreation and water therapy. Moreover, it is one of the MAB Biosphere Reserves registered by UNESCO.

. Old Bazar of Qrumyeh, a very old trade center, Zanbil, Haftabeh and Qaynarjeh mineral and hot water springs,

. Farhad, Takht Ghara, and Danyal caves with historical value,

. Ghahar Borj building and Ismail Agha, Kazem Khan, Bardok, Dam Dam and Bakhshi Qala castles having historical and architectural values.

. Kaboodan, Ashk, Arezoo and Espeer islands which are valuable of being habitats of different species of wildlife,
. Archeological and Natural History Museum,
. Mir Davood cave;
. Old Mosques of Jame, Sardar and Orumyeh minaret,
. Alavian dome and different Imamzadeh and shrines.

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