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Salmas township is located 854 km. northwest to Tehran in a moderate plain. In historical and geographical books it is reminded of Salmas as a beautiful city with good bazaars and a stone mosque.

According to the recent archeological discoveries on Taban hill, the antiquity of Salmas goes back to Medians time and it was named "Zarvand" in Achaemenians era. In Arsacides time, this city was one of the buffering provinces between Iran and Roman Empire and was annexed to Sassanians territory after the defeat of Khosrow Arsacide. The most important historical and worth seeing places of this township are:

. Several mineral water springs with water therapy virtues,

. Historical Goorchin Ghaleh castle located in 10 km. south to Salmas,

. Jamal Abad old dam in suburbs of Salmas,

. Khan Takhti stone carvings belonging to Sassanide era,

. Kooh Gharni and Yarough underground caves,

. Saint George Church in Salmas city.

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