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Takab township is one of the historical and worth seeing places of the province. There are, tens of historical sites belonging to both pre-Islamic and Islamic periods. "Takht-e-Soleyman" is one of these places located 45 km. northeast to Takab. It is the center of Sassanid Great Fire-temple named "Azargoshasb" (one of the three famous Sassanid fire-temples).

Presently its remains, surrounded, by a wall, are one of the memorials of the past. It is said that, "Sheez" city was located in the same place and probably is ruined as a result of volcanic action of Zendan Mountain or other unknown reasons. The historical cave "Kerfeto" is located, southwest. to Takab, and Ghayb Abad, Kohal, and Kahris caves as well as other historical sites are in this township.

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