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Tuesday, 16 February 2016 08:50

Wildlife of West Azerbaijan

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Wildlife of West Azerbaijan

West Azarbaijan province, as the result of natural conditions and special topographic structure, encompasses so many rivers, wetlands, marches, small and large lakes and is known as one of the most important habitat for different species of fauna both endemic and migratory. Waterfowls are the main migratory species which come to the habitats of this province for wintering and nesting. The most important recognized species of the province are: Persian follow deer, rabbit, bear, hyena, boar, fox, jackal, wild sheep, wild goat, gazelle, leopard, squirrel and different species of reptiles. The most important endemic and migrant birds of the province are: flamingo, pelican, partridge, turtledove, grouse, ringdove, vulture, owl, dull-yellow partridge, pigeon, heron, goose, crane, duck, eagle and starling. Biological diversity of theprovince is very important from international point of view so that Orumyeh Lake National Park is registered as Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. The main habitats of the province which are under the protection of Department of the Environment are as follows:
. Orumyeh Lake National Park covering an area of 4,810 ha. including all islands, coasts and coastal vegetation.
. Marakan Protected Area located south of Aras river banks and north of Makoo township.

. Agh Gol Protected Area between Poldasht and Makoo.
. Several other wildlife refuge area as well as free game fields.

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